Recruiting Talent

Best Pacific values a corporate culture of innovation and dedication. We believe that promoting innovative thinking and fostering career development of our employees contribute to our further success. The Group respects and upholds the utmost beneficial consideration to every member of its workforce. We strive to provide a safe working environment, professional training and valuable opportunities for career development. We sincerely welcome talents to join and grow with us to explore the Group's and individual future prospects.

Please refer to below our current vacancies and contact our human resources department by email at hr@mylkuju.com欢乐捕鱼 should you deem yourself fit the positions and would like to develop your career with Best Pacific.


This group is recruiting the following positions:

Department Position Openings
Sales Department Sales Representative 10
Production Department Technician 6
Design Department Lace Designer 3
Design Department Womenswear Designer 3
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